RFC1: Kabocha runtime upgrades, development and maintenance


We, Decent Partners, a hybrid on/off-chain collective are proposing iterations to Kabocha’s existing runtime through on-chain governance.

The aim is to concentrate talent, resources and capital within a single Kusama network rather than prematurely scaling core functions across an asynchronous network of parachains.

Successful experiments that demonstrate objective and sustained on-chain impact can then acquire additional Kusama coretime as and when required.

See also: The DOT/KSM Flippening - Elevate Kusama to the level of Ethereum with RFC #33


Kabocha evolves Kusama’s proven capabilities as a borderless (network) public good fund that has disbursed over $20m to a decentralised network of contributors over the past three years.

Current funding is primarily grant based and there is little consideration given to the productivity of the treasury when it comes to generating income leading to questions of sustainability.

By innovating around identity, rights management, organisation and value accrual we can ensure more impactful spending that can in turn drive adoption of the underlying blockspace resource.

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Existing pallets

Current Kabocha runtime includes the following standard pallets:

  • Authorship
  • Balances
  • Collator Selection
  • Democracy
  • dmpQueue
  • Identity
  • multisig
  • parachain_system
  • polkadotXcm
  • proxy
  • relaySchedule
  • scheduler
  • session
  • system
  • timestamp
  • treasury
  • utility
  • xcmpQueue

New pallets

Current Kabocha runtime introduces a few new pallets:

  • Pallet_Mint_with_fee
    The pallet adds functionality to mint a value on an account, and to optionally mint a percentage of this value on another account (as a fee). It also provides an extrinsic to change the percentage value. The calls have to be from Root, so as a Democracy proposal, or as a sudo call.

  • Pallet_Supersig
    Pallet Supersig evolves the basic properties of Substrate’s multisig wallets, giving them new functionality which makes managing, controlling and disbursing funds more dynamic. It was the recipient of a W3F grant .

  • Pallet_Subscription
    Pallet Subscription aims to simplify subscriptions such as recurring payments to supersigs which can be useful for ongoing payments, payrolls and for access to other Kabocha incubated projects.

Runtime development

We propose runtime developments based on the following strategic priorities:

  1. Seeds - emergent identity, rights management and permissions
    Requires: NFT pallet
    Suggestion: RMRK_pallets

  2. Cultural Collateral - proposal creators assign rights in the form of NFTs to a network reserve. These NFTs should enable emergent permissions to KAB holders and be under the control of governance.
    Requires: NFT pallet
    Suggestion: RMRK_pallets

  3. Liquidity - bootstrap a decentralised KAB:KSM market
    Requires: Uniswap or similar with governance restricted pairs
    Suggestion: AssetConversionPallet based on Uniswap V2.

  4. Payments - enable payments to contributors in stablecoins
    Requires - stablecoin and issuer
    Suggestion - asset pallet (foreign assets too?) GloDollar and Brale

  5. Liquidity - access structured financing with a guaranteed funding facility.
    Requires - escrow / client account / ABO Digital
    Suggestion - maybe Stated Tech Escrow contracts (would need Frontier pallet).

Questions / thoughts

This is a very fluid process and there are a number of groups who need to input into this - @JelliedOwl you might have ideas and bruno is here to comment on the RMRK stuff.

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