Forum roadmap for discussion

When we are able to work from first principles we can rethink much of the current orthodoxy in Substrate to encourage more participation, collaboration and productivity.

There is a path to developing a full bespoke integration between Discourse and Substrate via existing, custom and bespoke plugins.

Identity and permissions

  • Mint soulbound identities on Kabocha
  • Develop permissioning via nested NFTs
  • Token gated media
  • Burners to ease onboarding

On-chain triggers

We can create a far better flow and UX from onchain triggers that can then create topics and then from discourse to substrate - where we can make the process practically seamless between:

  • Discussion —>
  • Debate —>
  • Proposal —>
  • Proposal iteration —>
  • Push on chain —>

The ultimate aim with all of this is to bundle the whole flow into a unified ‘super-app’ contribution experience.

Relevant reading


We can also look to integrate mastodon, peertube and other activity pub / fediverse tools to make chat and media a part of the same UX, eg with this tight integration when a proposal went onchain, the UX would surface live chat under it for the duration it was in voting.