Retroactive funding: Decent Partners on/off chain collective - OpenGov v1


Retroactive funding request for Decent Partners on/off-chain collective.

Funding covers work completed and ongoing over 12-14 months.

Work covers a full stack of R&D - infrastructure, application layer and talent relations.

Funding covers minimal operational overhead and funds next phase development.

Next phase onboards influential creators across art, music and sports as creator collectives to Kabocha.

Built around a multi-chain token-gated media ecosystem launched on Kusama (assethub/kabocha).

Kusama treasury to be primary liquidity provider in upcoming KAB:KSM markets, generating fees for the collective.

Onboarding institutional financing via ABO Digital.

New ‘branded’ stablecoin models via GloDollar and Brale.

Strategy optimised for Substrate, OpenGov and original IP.

Brings together Web2 and Web3 into a simplifed UX/UI with a sustainable revenue model.

Onchain adoption focused (active addresses, on-chain identities, network fees).

Coretime incubator and market maker - successful creator collectives spin out and scale up via Kusama coretime.

Voting rewards

Partnership with Proof of Chaos will see voters receive unique NFTs from emerging and established artists, creators and sports stars.

Rewards sent to KSM holders after proposal approved.

Rewards unlock new experiences within an emerging ecosystem of (network) public goods and services:

  • holders are only ones able to purchase merchandise based on that asset.
  • holders receive royalties for IP that is licensed to 3rd parties.

First rewards created by well known artist and co-founder of Broadside, Vector Meldrew

Epic, Rare, Common versions to be distributed to voters via Proof of Chaos if/when proposal passes.

Creative development of (network) Public Goods and Services.

Development of first original on-chain IP Decent Magazine - the Wired of Web3.

Quarterly magazine and integrated wallet rethinking Substrate onboarding.

Features interviews, features, education from inside and outside the ecosystem.

Digital, physical and collectible editions.

Podcast, Photography, Art, Interviews, Features, Live Events.

Each piece of content is its own NFT with associated rights and licensing.

Decent Partners are representing this IP as agents and onboarding patrons to cofund alongside Kusama.


Kusama network services
Research & analysis
State of Dotsama £10,000.00
Kappa Sigma Mu £2,500.00
Kusama historical spending £7,500.00
Kusama coretime price simulation £12,500.00
Strategy and insights
On chain invoices £2,500.00
Outcomes over activity £5,000.00
Coretime bounties £2,500.00
Business development
GloDollar / Brale onboarding to AssetHub £5,000.00
ABO Digital structured financing £5,000.00
Public Goods
Decent Magazine creative development £10,000.00
Legal & compliance
Legal status of Kusama and Polkadot DAOs £5,000.00
Community management
Polkadot forum* £10,000.00
Kabocha parachain - 3 collators, 2 RPC nodes, general maintenance £15,000.00
Substrate integrations, token gating and role management
Discourse, Squarespace, Crowdcast £5,000.00
Annual subscriptions
Squarespace, Discourse, Crowdcast £500.00
Artist commissions
Vector Meldrew art for Proof of Chaos rewards £5,000.00
Total costs £103,000.00
+ VAT 20% £123,600.00
10% volatility margin - any excess will be returned £12,360.00
Total GBP £135,960.00
Total USD $161,000.00
KSM Price 17.361 9,495KSM

Polkadot forum

*“What a joke - £10,000 for Polkadot forum stuff that you’re suspended from?!”

Moderators are are paid $1600 per month.
That’s $19,200 pa.

As the only flagged member of the forum until relatively recently I gave them something to do.

In fact my ‘behaviour’ led to a rethink of the forum policies, since the original ones were just copy/pasta discourse.

Kusama and Polkadot need to have different cultures.
Kusama needs contrarian thinking.
It needs to rattle some cages.
It exists to slay sacred cows.

in my continuing quest to be the least popular member of the community, I’m going to continue to press on issues that others can’t, won’t or would rather ignore due to short term financial incentives.

The point of independent analysis is not to be liked, but to reveal useful insights How overvalued is Polkadot?

Despite being a ‘nobody’, I am in the top 3 most ‘liked’ acccounts.

Since being suspended, I have somehow managed to go up the leaderboard.

You’ll see that I am by objective metrics the most committed reader of posts on the forum.

Its the people who are filled with piss and vinegar, and try to improve things by bringing up controversial topics, that actually cause the improvement to happen. - @sourabhniyogi here.


Will be on-chain via a system remark.


Verifed - FvrbaMus8iASyrQYkajQWDxsYvG5gb72PFPuvy8TvkFFVGn


Decent Partners unites diverse talent under a shared set of values.

We operate as both an on-chain organisation and off-chain vehicle.

We reinvest income into R&D, structured as recoupable loans similar to a record label.

There are no outside investors.

We are a evolving community of members, contributors, startup co-founders, corporate leaders and board level executives in both private and listed companies.

Experience from Edgeware, Kabocha, Copa90, BBC, Channel 4, Guardian Media Group, Virgin Unite, Comic Relief, Nike, Red Bull, Adidas.

We are early investors and believers in Polkadot, Kusama and Edgeware who have reinvested profits into the ecosystem by funding initiatives ahead of funding.