DRAFT: Newconomics - The Leading “Intimate” Event Series focused on Future Digital Economies


Newconomics brings together entrepreneurs founders and executives of leading Web2 & Web3 companies to share their views on the next economic hot spots to be ready for.

We shine a light on the global technological developments, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the ecosystem and its vast opportunities.

These highly curated events are situated in unique surroundings and are targeted at bringing together leading thinkers, builders and financiers.

The aim is to foster strong and long lasting relationships, faciliate deal-making and encourage technical experimentation.

The events feature unique talks, debates and experiences and are activated and sustained across the year through original media producton that integrates tightly into emerging technologies.


Watch intiial introduction on AAG here.


Newconomics launched in 2023 with 2 day event in Lisbon that brought together established and emerging talent, organisations and platforms, Newconomics is now aiming to go global through an annual calendar of intimate events.


Over 1000 people attended the two day event that featured keynotes and panels featuring senior executives from Google, Binance, Dubai Government, Adidas Web3 Studio, Consensys, Vivendi, Benfica FC, Animoca Brands, Github and Polygon Labs.


The first year was funded by Human Protocol - one of Web3’s leading projects focused on AI and distributed work.

Human was launched by Alex Newman who comes from a distributed systems and database background.

He has founded and sold several tech companies, most notably Ohmdata (sold to WANDisco) and is a seasoned technology leader who has built and led engineering teams for over two decades. He most recently helped launch hCaptcha.com at Intuition Machines.


The below calendar is a work in progress.

Bi Weekly Video Podcast Online Starting Feb 29th
Newconomics VIP Networking Dinner Cape Town Feb 8th
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner - Dubai Dubai Feb 22nd
Newconomics VIP Networking Dinner - Eth Denver USA - Denver 1st March
Newconomics VIP Networking Dinner USA - Los Angeles March 4th
Newconomics VIP Networking Dinner USA - NYC March 7th
Newconomics - MetaFest - Cran Montana Cran Montana - Switzerland 3rd /4th April
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner Blockchain Paris Paris 8th April
Newconomics - Side Event Token 2049 Dubai Dubai 18th April
Newconomics - VIP Networking Dinner USA - NYC 9th May
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner - Consensus Austin, Texas 28th May
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner - Eth Brussels Brussels 8th July
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner - Token 2049 Singapore Singapore 18th Sept
Roadshow Newconomics - VIP Dinner - London London 10th Oct
Newconomics 2024 Main Event ( Web Summit) Lisbon 14th & 15th November


We aim to bring Newconomics to the Polkadot ecosystem across 2024, tightly integrating the talent, tools and technology into the foundations of the initiative.

By delivering highly curated events and associated media consistently across the year we can foster deeper connections between top tier decision-makers, encouraging collaboration, cooperation and partnerships.