BPM - Block Power Music: Beat Cypher

The Room Studios

This is an initial brain dump - more detail to follow
We might actualyl record one so its easier to visualise

This is an opportunity to engage and bring together an existing community in a completely new space
An opportunity to work out how we reward/incentivise artists and fans
An returnable event to build and grow

A chance to shine a light on the music Producer community - inclusive live event as the cream of London’s music scene flex their skills in collab rather than a battle.
A fresh new way to engage with live music. A chance for fans to support their favourite producers and purchase unique sound packages.


4 production stations will be positioned in the TRS office on the green desk

Each station will be assigned a specific software or hardware station relative to each producers’ preference. And no larger than a laptop stand footprint .

Producers will then go back 2 back beat for beat with a specific amount of time dedicated to blending from 1 producer to the next.
Once we have completed the cypher it starts again at a new bpm or if the energy wants to stay at previous bpm then so be it.

4 cycles == 1 episode…tbc
Each producer gets 5 mins per beat and 3mins blending time with a countdown timer to make it clear when its the next person’s turn to take their 5 mins.

The technical setups will be; Ableton, Logic, Cubase and Reason as the 4 stations

During each performance, every producers’ laptop screen and an aerial view of their chosen setup will be projected above their heads as they perform.
Each producer will be assigned a colour which will correspond to them on the 4-way split screen.

At the end of each set the audience will be able create their own compilation with a collection of their favourite moments of the cipher. Certain beats and elements would be available for fans - this needs some development but it would be incredible if fans watching could use tokens to purchase beats/samples/elements - to be used but with the original compositions on chain so creators always get paid.

4 x Producers of different styles pick out beats from their library that they can sequence live to present their material in a nature that fits the DJ elements of going back to back.

ALIVE goes in at 140 bpm on fruity loops.Their station would be a laptop and a midi controller of some sort, and they would sequence live for 5 mins. They would then ‘blend’ into a 2/3 minute jam to introduce MAX.

MAX could potentially use a CDJ and mixer rig - 1 deck style. Going into bringing MARIA on Ableton with a controller (similar to ALIVE’s rig) and again post 3min crossover and 5 min solo introduction to ANJA on SP404.

Once the cycle has completed it starts again at a new BPM.
Each cycle would be 32 mins total
This would repeat x 4
Whole event would be 2’10 approx

All shot on tapo and phones via many cam.
1 x bird’s eye shot
1 wide (front on)
1 wide slight 45 degree angle to capture BTS - chatting/interactions with performers
Also - screen share of the individual’s playing station. This gives the fans a real chance to look closely at the process

Opportunity to keep levelling up the video side
Potential to incorporate Volta to create immersive experience


Potential for live art that could be live up[cycle tshirt printing to happen simultaneously in the yard.

there will also be an option to buy a t-shirt created on the night by one of the four artists, who will be painting onto a wall of segmented t-shirts. These will be performed live next to the beat cipher, and auctioned after the event to the audience.

All t-shirts will have been pre-printed, with the lineups of all the 16 producer names for each event and the artists too, similar to a tour t-shirt.

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This is cool

How did it connect into the stems as NFTs?

What were you imagining there?